Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Monday Challenge

Mondays. We all dread ‘em, try to figure out ways around them, few of us actually look forward to them. The Monday after Thanksgiving is probably dreaded more than most others after we’ve had a few days to taste freedom to do as we choose. Freedom to do things we enjoy. We spend time with family, some shop, some put up the Christmas tree, some watch football, we women spend a bit of time in the kitchen.  No matter what we spend the days doing, we enjoy the long break from the regular routine.

But – the Monday after always comes… I can hear it now - as the alarm went off this morning. If you are anything like me, a less than cheerful grunted UGGH! accompanied your jerk back to reality, a jerk that took a mere second to ruin the bliss of sleepland. My mind and my body scream “NOOOO! Not yet!” as I return from slumber.

In my job, the Monday following Thanksgiving is one of the days we dread the most, it is a crazy day, but this year I want to look at it differently. A couple of weeks ago I heard a statement regarding “Mondays” on KLOVE, that was a little different than the “typical”. You could say it gave me a fresh perspective.

Mondays aren’t ALL bad…
Mondays are a chance to do something with what we learned on Sunday.


Every Monday is a chance to use what God has spoken to me in His house on Sunday.

Adds a little anticipation in place of the dread and makes Monday a little more exciting doesn’t it? It’s a challenge to us to put feet to our faith and flesh out what went into our hearts and minds as we worshipped.

What did you learn on Sunday that you want to “do something with” on this Monday?

Here’s what I learned that I want to use today:

My pastor spoke from Psalms 34 on Sunday and verse 1 says “I will bless the Lord at all times; His  praise shall continually be in my mouth.” This verse spoke to me in light of the impending “Monday” and all that comes with it. If His praise is continually in my mouth, there will be no room for the things in my mouth that don’t bring Him glory. Gossip, complaining, whining, sarcasm, griping, groaning, and discussing with coworkers how terrible the day is going to be can’t fit in my mouth if His praise is continually there.

Monday’s looking better already! Our life as believers is about more than church on Sunday morning. God’s desire is for us to take Him and His message Beyond Sunday Morning into real life.

What did you learn on Sunday that you want to do something with today? Share it with us, you just might challenge the rest of us to live out something new too.

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