Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ThankFULL - Part 4

Ok - this may sound kinda silly at first, but hang with me a minute. Today I am ThankFULL for Pumpkin Pie.

Yes. Pumpkin Pie.

I bet you were expecting something super-spiritual weren't you? What can I say? I love Pumpkin Pie. It's so smooth, gooshes around in my mouth, has NOOOO coconut,no crunchy surprises, it's best friends with a dollop of whip cream. Mmmm. Pumpkin Pie. By the way, I'm making one Thursday just in case you were concerned that I may not get to enjoy some Pumpkin Pie this Thanksgiving! I always take that matter into my own hands, no since trusting someone else with something as important as Pumpkin Pie!

There is more to my love for Pumpkin Pie than it's unique flavor. You see, I remember the first time I ever tasted Pumpkin Pie. I was at my Grandma's house. Our family traveled there to spend Thanksgiving and Grandma had made this funny looking pie. She gave me a piece of it with a huge helping of whipped cream on top. It was love at first bite, literally. Funny thing is, I never remembered eating it again until several years later. I had forgotten about Pumpkin Pie until I saw a slice and instantly the memories of my Grandma and her kitchen flooded back. I could hear the sounds from within her house and smell the aromas from her kitchen. Memories with her that I wish I had known to cherish at the time.

She's been with Jesus for many many years now, but my mind drifts to her often. The aroma of certain spices bring her memory near.  Baking cookies makes me think of her.  Walnuts make me think of her.  I hope in some way she knew or knows now how much I love her. I am sad to say that as a young girl, I was not always kind to her.  I didn't completely understand her illness and easily became frustrated with her. But - even when I was being less than Christ-like to her, she was always Christ-like to me, always attempting conversation with me just to bring me close. She came to live with us before she passed and looking back at those final months and days with her, I can now see how tender her heart was. She was kind and grateful, quiet and humble.  

And she loved.

Like Jesus.

Kathleen Gaines Almand
July 23, 1917 to November 28, 1982

My relationship with her is one of my greatest treasures and one of my greatest regrets. I wish my heart hadn't been so resistant, but someday, I will be with her again, and you better believe, I'm gonna let her love me forever.

We had great conversation in your comments yesterday about friendships, I enjoyed hearing from you so mcuh.   What is on your ThankFULL list for today?  Let's keep chattin.

Pumpkin Pie anyone?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Love this Amy! There are certain foods that I make that fill the air with the scents of my Nanny. She was my Italian grandmother! Her house always smelled like garlic, cheese, olive oil, and Italian breadcrumbs. Whenever I smell any combination of those ingredients I am instantly transported back 15 years to her kitchen... one of my favorite places to be.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Smells do that to me too. Remind me of something. Fall is that way with my grandmother, so are rice krispies. I think food is a wonderful thing to be thankful for. So many things we are SO blessed with, that we take for granted. We open our cabinets and pantry's to see choices upon choices. Thankful for it? I think so! I love to eat, I like cooking and making food. I am thankful for being able to have a grocery budget that allows our family to pick out what we want, when we want it. To plan our menus and even wonderful treats (like pumpkin pie for you...lets say cheesecake for me!) for special times. So many in our area dont have this, they definitely dont take food for granted. We are blessed. with our families to share baking with, with our senses to smell and taste, with our memories to help us remember, with our food that keeps us alive. Very blessed

  3. Amy, you took the words right out of my mouth or should I say heart this season. My Grams raised me and taught me everything I know about cooking. This time of year just floods my mind with memories of her. Every smell transports me back to those days. My heart is saddened because I too never knew how precious moments were with her. The questions I still want to ask her and the things I would love to tell her. My Grams passed away January 19th, 2009 at 93 and was still trying to feed people from her nursing home room. Not a single person ever went hungry that graced her path. Every Christmas she would bake 100’s of cookies and place them on beautiful trays and we would deliver them all over to friends and family. She remembered everyone’s favorite cake and would bake them one on their birthday. She would send me out to deliver them to the neighbors…which at the time I was less than thrilled to do. She sent me to school with fresh baked loaves of bread to pass out to all the teachers. The women had 3 deep freezes and 3 refrigerators all packed with food just waiting to go to someone in need. She loved all people and wanted them to feel loved and cared for through her cooking. What a picture of Christ’s love she showed me. Alongside of raising me she also raised a mentally handicapped son who was bed-ridden her heart ached and yearned to care for all people who were less than perfect in the world’s eyes. Yet another glorious picture of Christ’s love. She used her gift of cooking to lavish the love of Christ on others. I am grateful for the gift that she has passed on to me and now I am passing it on to Allyson. Two years ago Allyson and I started walking around our neighbor at Christmas and passing out beautiful trays of cookies and sharing the love of Christ with them. Thanks Gram’s.
    Sarah Link


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