Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Destinations

I have been writing my blog posts from my work computer because of the luxury of high speed internet at our office. When you live at “the edge of the earth”, as my friend Beth calls it, high speed internet is not an option at home. Yesterday I had this bright idea to write my post from home and save it on a jump drive so I could just copy and paste it to my blog once I arrived at work. Typically, I have been leaving for work much earlier than normal so that I have plenty of time to type when I get there, but since I was being so smart and doing the typing at home, I didn’t have to leave until my regular time. Those who know me know that I don’t make a practice of allowing extra time. I don’t know why, I just don’t. As I pulled out of my driveway, I checked the clock on my dash and thought to myself, “I’ve got it made. I’ll have just enough time to publish my post before I clock in.” Then a second thought crossed my mind – “unless I encounter the gold minivan”. You see, there is this gold minivan that lives near me, not as close to the edge of the earth as I live, but relatively near it. It never fails that when I am running a little snug on time, I get behind this precious van. “Thou shalt not speed” must be in this person’s ten commandments. No joke. I have to climb a few hills on my trek in, and sometimes I’m not so sure we’re gonna have enough speed to get to the top of the hill before rolling backward.

Yep – it happened. I got behind not just THE gold minivan, but TWO gold minivans just alike, one right in front of the other. I told God that I didn’t think this was very funny, but He made it clear He felt otherwise and, once again, He sat me down for one of his fatherly little lessons. He wanted me to realize, it’s not about my timing, it’s about His.

I knew where I was going yesterday morning and I wanted to hurry up and get there. I didn’t care about the scenery along the way. I didn’t care about what I could observe and learn at this slower pace. I had it all planned out. I guess He could tell I wasn’t getting it, because, in addition to the two minivans, a song came on the radio that was all about “slowing down” and patience and waiting. Sometimes we know exactly where He plans on taking us on our journey with Him because He has shown us and we get impatient and want to get to the destination,“now”. That’s how I view my self spiritually. I know what He has in mind for the destination, He sees me as a finished work, and I get frustrated when I can’t get there fast enough. He wants us to slow down and take in what He’s teaching us along the journey. Sometimes it may seem boring for a moment, but there’s always a purpose.

His little nudges were telling me, not in your time, but mine, just trust me. Take it all in.

Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” I Thes 5:24

What’s that mean? He has called you to Himself; He will be faithful to finish what He started. Don’t get discouraged when you stumble and feel like you aren’t making progress, trust Him to finish what He started, there’s great lessons to be learned from waiting and sometimes even from stumbling. Don’t worry, you will reach your final destination at just the perfect moment.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Amy Dotson, RPDOTK (Royal Princess Daughter Of The King)
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  1. Love it! That's why Chad & I have adopted our life's motto - "Embrace the Journey". Someone shared with me recently that every thing we experience is like a classroom where we learn vital information that we will use later in the journey to help others. If we rush, we don't learn the information and will not be able to be used in that future situation, but if we slow down, "Embrace the Journey" and learn from every single classroom (or experience), God does have plans for it all! Brittany

  2. LOL! Before we moved I watched out for the "old guy in the old gray buick"....I see him everywhere I go and I always wonder why God puts him in my view all the time...and when I get caught at a light or behind a car I do feel like God is keeping me from being hurt for some u!-April


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