Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Secrets From The Sisterhood

Last week we shared a few laundry tips, and we have a couple of more for you today. If you have any additional laundry tips or advice, feel free to leave a comment today to share.

I stopped using liquid fabric softener a long time ago because I kept noticing random spots that looked like grease on my clean clothes.  Since leaving it out of my laundry, the spots are gone, but I have missed the softness and the freshness that the fabric softener brings.  Recently I read somewhere online (and I can't remember where) how another person handles her fabric softener woes.  Instead of putting it into the wash, she puts her liquid fabric softener into a spray bottle.  Before adding her clean clothes to the dryer, she mists the inside of her dryer with about 6 sprays of fabric softener.  I have tried this and, thus far, love the results! 

And it makes your fabric softener go farther too!

Here's an idea from Camillia.  When I read it, it took me back to my Mom's house, because this how my mom does laundry.  Camillia does her laundry daily to keep it from being overwhelming, folding and stacking it on her bed.  That way all of the laundry gets put up at the end of the day and it doesn't stack up.

I guess you could say it makes you make the bed everyday too.....Hmmm...Mom would be so proud.

More tips to come next week, and I promise they won't be about dirty ole laundry!

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