Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Doodling

Amy Was Here!

Do you sisters remember doodling that EVERYWHERE?  Not "Amy" unless, of course, that's your name, but surely you get my drift!  I doodled it on my notebook, on my papers, on the phone book, the fogged up school bus windows, you name it, it doodled it.  Sometimes I was ready to live life on the edge and threw in a little edgey spelling...

Amy Wuz Here!

Cantcha sense the rebel within?? Then when I was really in the doodling mood, I expanded my authoring horizons and added a sassy little phrase...

Amy was here
But now she's gone
She's left her name to carry on.....

Wasn't I just brilliant?  Yes, along with the 10 million other teens and tweens who were doodling the same words on every surface possible.  Did y'all doodle that too?

Come on, admit it.

I know you did.

You know what though, everyday our life is a day of doodling.  We are doodling on surfaces of every life around us.  

But now she's gone
She's left her name to carry on....

After you have left presence of the people you interact with today, what will your doodle say?  What carries on after you move on?

Those thoughts, my sisters, have a HUGE ability to impact people long after we are gone.  Does the though of your name carry on bitterness, gloom, joy, love, compassion?  If the thoughts are those that have the characteristics of Christ - GET THIS- you have left the Holy Spirit some wonderful tools to work with....

Just a doodling thought for you today.

Jesus was here
But now He's gone
He's left His name to carry on...........

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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