Friday, August 12, 2011



They aren't always may thing.

Honestly, they are rarely my thing.

It takes me a little while to get going, I'm find it hard to talk first thing in the morning, I feel a bit clumsy as I stumble to the closet to get my towel.  I'm usually waste a few minutes trying to figure out why I can't see until I realize that I don't have my glasses on.

But - if I can just get in the shower, that is where I know the awakening begins.  The scent of my peppermint shampoo is delightful and as I breathe in its fragrance, my brain begins it's work.

An awakening.

I've experienced an awakening of another sort this week, this one not prompted by the scent of peppermint, in fact, I really can't put my finger on exactly what prompted this awakening.  After many days of pushing through life and life's circumstances, many days of looking for a ray of hope, many days of wondering what tomorrow might bring or even what six months from now might bring, for some reason there has been an awakening within my soul that I can't quite explain.

It's as if my soul is ready to absorb.

Scriptures speak more loudly.

Music moves me more deeply.

My heart longs for His return more intently.

Laughter comes more easily.

When I look upon the faces of my family, hear their voices, sense their touch, I love them more than the moment before.

Nothing has changed.  The circumstances in our lives are the same as they were when I walked in the valley, but I guess I can sense Psalms 23 in my life. 

He restores my soul.....

I fear no evil for He is with me....

My husband used this very familiar passage of scripture Sunday as he spoke. I don't know if something spoken in that message or the truth of the scriptures themselves were the peppermint for my soul or if it was something else that awakened my heart, but whatever it was, I wish I could figure it out.

So that next time I feel like my spirit is clumsy, when I can't see, when I don't know what to say, I will know where and when to expect the awakening......

What awakens you?   Is it coffee, a devotional book, turning on the news?  Practically or Spiritually - I would love for you to share with me what awakens you.

Holy Spirit, You are with me and today I do not fear.  God, You are restoring my soul and I am so thankful that You took notice of this soul in need of Your restoration.  Your touch is the only touch that can truly repair me.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I breathe You in as deep as I can this very moment - awaken my soul more to think like You, feel like You, love like You, minister like You.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. I have a sweet little 3 year old who awakens us at 530 every morning on the dot, and asks for chocolate milk....He is my first awakening, my face wash is actually my smell that awakens me much like your shampoo...spiritually, mostly music, that is the first step it seems almost everytime...then scripture, or a devotional, or message, etc.


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