Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Secrets From The Sisterhood

Happy Tuesday Morning to all of you.  We have something new for you today, a new feature called "Secrets From The Sisterhood" where we will share practical advice, household tips, recipes, etc so that we can all help life be a little easier on each other. 

Today's Secret From The Sisterhood is all about some laundry, and I know we can all identify with that.

Our first secret comes from Camillia who learned this trick from another sister in Christ, Robin. 

Who hasn't forgotten a load of clothes in the washer or even thrown them into the dryer but forgot to turn the dryer on?  The next thing you know, the whole load of laundry has soured, and STINKS.  Often you can wash the whole load again, and they STILL STINK.

Here's her tip to remedy a soured load of clothes:
When you start the washer to rewash the load, add a cup of vinegar along with your usual detergent and your clothes will smell fresh and clean when they're done!

Secondly, while we're talking about that dirty word Laundry, here's a tip from Linda for those stubborn underarm sweat stains.  Linda uses plain old peroxide as a prewash on those areas before throwing them in the washer.

Hope these tips help to make your laundry woes not so woeful!

Blessings to you all today and hope you enjoyed Secrets From The Sisterhood!

More to come.....

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  1. I did an experiment a while back because of something I had heard. Someone said to me that people get uncomfortable when you say to them "God Bless You" and I said no they don't. It makes people feel good. Of course, I was right!!! I made it a point and still do a lot of the time to say God Bless You in a drive thru, to a store clerk, a waitress, etc. About 95% of the people are all smiles. Try it! We say "God Bless You" when someone sneezes, why not try it when they don't. Luv you sisters and praying for you all!
    Julia Meyer


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