Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Re-mind My Thinking

Yesterday we talked about traveling down a street named Pain. If you missed yesterday's post, we can bring you up to speed right here.  Take a few minutes to read that post and meet us back here as we go a little deeper with this painful subject. 

Yesterday I said that sometimes I have reminisced my pain unintentionally simply because I didn't know what to "do with" the hurt.  I couldn't make it fit anywhere.  It's kind of like that stuff that doesn't have a place at home and ends up on my kitchen counter.  It just lays around and if there are many of those things that don't have a "place", the next thing I have in my house is a cluttered mess.

We know what to do with our joy.

We know what to do with our dreams.

We often even know what to do with our fears.

But, hurt - we just don't know what to do with it.

It doesn't have a neat little bin to fit into.

And it sits out..

All exposed..

With potential to spread into other hearts like a cancer.

That's why we need to find a place for this stuff called pain so that we know what to do with it next time it arrives on our door step unannounced, uninvited.

Which brings me to a question I have for each of you:

What do you do with your pain? How do you handle it?  We've all been there and we're all in this together, so we might as well help each other out.

I'll share one way I do something with my pain (only if you promise to share with me yours!) -

I am very much a pleaser, I want people to like me, and the hardest part about pain for me is the thought that the other party doesn't like me. Just call me Rodney King with my why-can't-we-all-just-get-along -philosophy. Ok, please - don't really call me Rodney King - although sometimes I have felt that beaten and battered!  Honestly though, I have finally allowed God to bring me to a place where I know my identity does not come from whether someone likes me or not, it comes from who LOVES me.  I cannot base my worth on a person's changing opinion, I must base my worth on the opinion of the One who does not change.  Sure, when the offense occurs, the pain is still very much there, so I have to go back to that truth and my spirit has to re-mind my mind and my thinking.  Then, when I look at the situation from this perspective, I can separate the pain from my purpose, from my importance in this world, from my worth. 

So, now it's your turn,what do you do with your pain?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Pain MUST be expressed! We can choose how it is expressed and choose healthy ways or our bodies will choose it for us in unhealthy ways. One of the single most healing ways we express is through tears. I don't know why we try to hold them back or get embarrassed when we let them out, but some of the healing in the deepest places in my heart have come through many tears! Cry out to God, cry on someone's shoulder, cry in the shower, get up in cry in the night, however you need to do it - JUST CRY!

  2. Pain, depending on what it stems from, I handle it a bit differently. Prayer is probably my primary way of dealing with pain. Whitt gets earfulls, I do cry. I cry alot. There are alot of ways to find release from the pain, or the focus on the pain, for me. finding out how to deal with it, say if its an issue with the kids, and focusing on the encouragement found in scripture doesnt take away the pain, but gives confidence that were where we should be, and compromise isnt an option. I struggle alot when I cant find that. Sometimes the most difficult pain, and most ongoing pain for me is when Im in the waiting period where scripture is silent, and God seems silent. Trusting Him in that pain...and not having a game plan on how to respond.


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