Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Match

She was mighty with thick bark that provided mountainous terrain for the tiniest of God's creatures. Her branches stretched forth for what seemed like miles dressed in lush green leaves providing homes for generations of feathered friends as they learned to fly.

Many seeked refuge in her shade. Her strong arm ever extended, never waivering as it held child after child as they swung laughing in the old tire swing.

She had seen her share of wind and rain, but never cowered at their approach. She welcomed the rains so that she could drink from them. The light and heat of the noonday sun had only served to bring her much needed nourishment as she grew taller and stronger year after year.

She shaded many picnics and heart to heart chats, she heard many dreams shared between kindred hearts as they paused for a few minutes.  She marked the spot for yard sales, witnessed hours of make believe, and leant her peaceful spirit for many afternoon naps in the hammock. She was a place of escape for the frightened kittens that passed her way. The cool earth at her feet provided the perfect spot for the family friend to catch a much needed breath as he curled at Grandpa's feet. 

Spring after spring she scattered seed as far as she could see, anxious for others to spring forth and grow to be just like her.

Then something happened.

She still looked beautiful.

Her limbs seemed strong.

Her leaves still full and lush as the storm winds began to blow.  She wasn't concerned though, for she had weathered many storms without harm, and this one was certainly no worry.  As the winds made her dance and sway, she first felt a strain, then a crack as she twisted and fell to the very ground she once shaded.

Passers by mourned losing her, never realizing how much they appreciated her presence until she was no longer able to stand.

They were saddened and shocked by what they saw. As she lay helpless upon her own roots, the inside of her trunk was completely open for the world to see. Although her limbs still seemed strong, her leaves still fresh and green, everyone who looked upon her was dazed. Dazed at the dark, bitter rot that had destroyed her from the inside out as they were unaware of its existence. Even she was shocked at what had grown within her, first slowly, then more quickly and she was no match for the storm that came that day.

Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God.
Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you,
corrupting many.
Hebrews 12:15

Our next Godsword.
Let's memorize it and USE it by July 13.

Don't let this story describe you.


Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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