Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Son of God, Son of man

Son of God, Son of man

Six words crafted amidst others tucked in the lyrics of a song.  Those six words ended up in the hands of God as He pushed them into another layer of my heart, pressing their meaning deeper within me than they have ever been.  In fact, He used them to give me goosebumps from the inside out as I pondered the meaning of them. 

The longer I thought, the more in awe I was.

The longer I thought, the more grateful I was.

The longer I thought, the more I could begin to understand His deep connection with us.  I hope this reminds you just how much He loves you, just how much He's connected to you.

Us - just people.

Him - all God.

Jesus was God's Son. God in the flesh, Jesus - born into this world physically by Mary, a mere human. 

Son of God, Son of man.

Child of God, Child of man.

Do you get that?  He is fully God's Son, while the human race was able to call Him their own as well.

There is no connection that I have with anyone on this earth like the connection Todd and I share as parents.  Sharing a child together connects two people forever in a way that is hard to describe. 

He shared a Child with US - the human race.  He surely grieved with Mary, knew sorrow for John, felt the broken heart of Mary Magdalene as His Son, the Son He had bore into the human race, hung upon that tree - suffering.

Suffering unto death.

He shared the Life of His Son with us, connecting with us deeply and then shared the death of His Son  with us, offering a connection with us that lasts forever...........

Because the Spirit of that Son lives on.........

In you.

No wonder He feels so deeply about us.

No wonder that love can never change.

He's connected to us.

For eternity.

Now - take that thought and love Him back. 


Reconnect with Him.

Look into His eyes and rejoice with Him as you recount how wonderful His Son - the Son of Man was, is, and is to come.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Truly scripted by God! What a beautiful devotion.


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