Monday, February 20, 2012

With Your Own Eyes

Questions God asks of Job - taken from Job 38,39,&42:

Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? 

...Who determined its dimensions

and stretched out the surveying line?

What supports its foundations,

And who laid its cornerstone

As the morning starts sang together

And all the angels shouted for joy?

Who kept the sea inside its boundaries

As it burst from the womb,

And as I clothed it with clouds

And wrapped it in thick darkness?

For I locked it behind barred gates,

Limiting its shores.

I said, “This far and o farther will you come.

Here your proud waves must stop!”

Have you ever commanded the morning to appear

And caused the dawn to rise in the east?

Have you made the daylight spread to the ends of the earth,

to bring an end to the night’s wickedness?

….Have you explored the springs from which the seas come?

Have you explored their depths?

Do you know where the gates of death are located?

...Do you realize the extent of the earth?

Where does light come from,

And where does darkness go?

Can you take it to its home?

Do you know how to get there?

…Have you visited the storehouses of the snow

Or seen the storehouses of hail?

…Where is the path to the source of light?

Where is the home of the east wind?

…Does the rain have a father?

Who gives birth to the dew?

Who is the mother of ice?

Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens?

…Do you know the laws of the universe?

Can you use them the regulate the earth?

Can you shout to the clouds

and make it rain?

Can you make lightening appear

And cause it to strike as you direct?

Who gives intuition to the heart

And instinct to the mind?

Who is wise enough to count all the clouds?

Who can tilt the water jars of heaven…?

Have you given the horse its strength

or clothed its neck with a flowing mane?

Did you give it the ability to leap like a locust?

Its majestic snorting is terrifying!

It paws the earth and rejoices in its strength

When it charges out to battle.

It laughs at fear and is unafraid….

It paws the ground fiercely

And rushes forward into battle when

the ram’s horn blows…..

Is it your wisdom that makes the hawk soar

And spread its wings toward the south?

Is it at your command that the eagle rises

To the heights to make its nest?.....

Job responds:

I am nothing……..

...I know that you can do anything,
and no one can stop you.

...I had only heard about you before,
but now I have seen you with my own eyes.

Job knew, and so do you that every question could be answered with no other name but God.  This God who questions Job with authority and strength is the very God that is passionately jealous for you.  He is more than fierce about you and your heart and wants to give you His.  He wants to share in this life with you, not just observe you from afar as you go about your days.

Have you only heard about Him before, have you yet seen Him with your own eyes?

Oh, how I pray that not one more second passes before you see Him with your own eyes.  My sisters, He is everywhere.  Look around you. Step outside, see with your eyes, see with your ears, see with your skin, see with your heart, The Heart that beckons you day after day.

Watch for wings that take flight.

Watch for hills that roll.

Watch for the horse's majestic strength.

Watch for the pillows in the sky.

He is everywhere.

See Him with your own eyes, you will never be the same.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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