Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Not the How, It's the Who.

Earlier this week we got in on a little conversation between God and Job.  Every time I read the words penned in Job describing the strength, power, authority, and majesty of Jehovah God, I am awestruck at the vastness of Who He Is. 

I am awestruck and amazed that this BIG God capable of BIG things is also God of the small, like me. 

Sometimes when my thoughts go to that place of how powerful He is, my heart is quickened to the meaning of the reverent fear of God, but recently it developed into more than that in my heart. 

Yes, He wants me to have the respectful fear of Him, but I think He also wants me to realize how powerful He is, what He is capable of,  how detailed He is - not only so I fear Him, but so that I can completely trust Him. 

Do you get what I mean here? 

If He is responsible for and capable of all those things we read about in Job, there is nothing to big for Him to handle.  There is no situation in my life too great for His steering.

He makes me aware of all of this so that I. Can. Trust. Him.

When I was a little girl, in my eyes there wasn't anything that Daddy couldn't handle, no broken bicycle that he couldn't repair, and no 10th grade bully of his 2nd grade daughter that he wouldn't quickly address and correct.  Somewhere along the way, our little girl problems are replaced with big girl problems that our daddies can't necessarily fix. 

Do you see?  Because I know how BIG He is, I can see how small my problem is.  I can grasp His big hand with my little one, and as a child, walk alongside Him knowing Daddy will take care of it.   We can have that little girl faith again just knowing the strength of our Abba.  There is no problem too big for Him. 

Often we are faced with something that seems too big and our first thought is how is this going to work out, which pulls our eyes away from Who can work it out.   Have you ever noticed the order and similarity of those two words, made up of only three letters?  If you put the "w" in front, you no longer have how, but who.  He is the One who is the answer, and we longer have to dwell on the how.  It's not the how, it's the Who.

Just dwell on Who.

How can I pray for you today? Do you have a problem that seems big right now?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King

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  1. The last few weeks have been a challenge. I've had my office moved to guess where, right next door to my boss. She can here every word I say (I talk to myself alot) and everytime I get up to go to the bathroom. She can say things that stab you right in the heart! I am a people person (prior lesson) and I am having to adjust my whole work life to be quiet and having to learn to say nothing but work related things because she tends to offer her word cutting advice that is, for lack of a better word, hateful and hurting. I just want God to intervene and speak to my breaking heart (keeping the tears back). Maybe He can hear my cries and is working on His timeline and not mine.
    God Bless you all,
    Julia M.

  2. My struggle is not with the How or Who, it's the Why.

    1. Your struggle with "why" is one many people, including myself often wrestle with, and I don't think it's not wrong to ask why. I hope to have a post next week that might offer some comfort about the "why" that so often lingers in our minds.


  3. A little something that someone said to me yesterday that will not get out of my brain.... "If you're waiting to see the outcome before you make your decision, then that is not faith!" OUCH! I don't have to see "how" before I do anything, it really is the "who" do I trust. My own reasoning or my GOD?? This seems to be a recurring word I'm receiving. I'm listening, LORD!

  4. And hey Julia - I was thinking when I read your comment. What a blessing that could be that your boss hears everything you say. You could be witnessing to her without even talking to her face to face. She must be so hurtful because she is hurting so badly. I will be praying that God will use you to reach her without you even really trying, but just by being y-o-u :)


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