Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fruit In Its Season

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control….

......all evidence of the Spirit’s touch upon a life.
The Spirit’s fruit, although each different, an origin from One.

For many, the subject lends itself to frustration as we measure each particular fruit, looking to find it on the vine of our lives.
As we inspect, yes, there are short glimpses of each fruit here and there along the vine, but no great harvest.  Suddenly discouragement surfaces, sadness that there is not more peace, more joy, more gentleness, ready for harvest….and let’s not forget patience…long alluded patience.
Spiritual shoulders drop as we turn to leave the vineyard in despair.  I know the Spirit’s within, I feel Him…but why doesn’t Galatians 5:22 trace an image this life?
My friend, may I lift your downcast chin? Would you listen to me with your eyes? Listen with the windows to your soul?

Every fruit has a season…….Apples enjoy their abundance in the fall,  some oranges find their peak in winter, watermelon is its yummiest in July.

But they’re not always on the vine.  Not in all places.  Sometimes their vines or trees look bare, almost void of life.

Winter has robbed this small sapling of its beautiful robe of green, but if you listen to the windows of your soul, look closely -

upon what seems lifeless, there is evidence of life.  Evidence of something new growing.  Something that will soon bud, producing a leaf - fruit for the tired branch.


Sometimes the leaves grow in what seems like piles of jumbled sticks, making no sense to the heart -


Sometimes the tender leaves burst forth in thorn laden lands, but tender leaves they still are.  Evidence of life.  Evidence of growth.  Evidence of fruit to come.

 When traveling to your heart's vineyard,  celebrate the buds, celebrate the tender shoots, for they are evidence of life.  Evidence of a bloom, evidence of a season for a fruit soon to come........Trust the Spirit's work, if you allow it, He WILL BRING A HARVEST.  What now looks bare on these branches in a few short weeks will be covered with lush green leaves.  This little tree will be robed in its green glory, and when the right season comes, you, my sister, will be a fruitful vine.

Every fruit has its season.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King

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