Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sweetness of Old Friends

It had been sixteen plus years since I had seen them, spent time with them, laughed with them face to face.  I was both excited yet apprehensive toward our lunch date that was fastly approaching.   As I drove to the restaurant, the thoughts running through my mind were crazy.

Will they even recognize me?

Will there be anything to talk about?

Will it be awkward?

Will we be different? No longer having that comraderie forged at our lunch tables and in the gym lobby of our high school?  

It was a wonderful time as I sat with two of my best high school friends.  They gave me the gift of laughter and acceptance during those clumsy high school years, we were just goofy together, and it was ok.  These same two people were with me the night I met my husband, a man I prayed for, so they will always have a special place in my heart. 

Our conversation over lunch lingered long and we laughed as we used to.  Yes, a lot of water has passed under our bridges over the 20 years spanning since high school, but despite the passage of time, it was a gift to be with them.  I hope they felt the same.

It wasn't awkward.

It was sweet.

My question for you, my sisters -

Would you fear awkwardness if you were meeting Jesus for lunch?  Would the time passing since your last intimate moments with Him make you nervous?  Would you be weary for the water that has passed under your bridge since your last encounter?

Or would you just pick up where you left off?

Let me remind you, He's at that table awaiting your arrival.  He's not nervous.  He sits calmly, with confidence to see the woman He loves.

Don't cancel.

Just go.

And linger for hours in your conversation.

Laugh as you used to.

It will be a gift to be with Him.

And He will feel the same.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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