Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Secrets From The Sisterhood

Last week I posed a question to the ladies of the Sisterhood.  Here's what I asked them:

What is something that you reuse in your home in a way different than it was intended?
I'll share with you a few of their creative ideas that you can try for yourself.

From Leslie - Homemade chip clips.  She reuses the hangers that pants come on to make chip clips.  Simply cut the clip off of each end and discard the rest.  For those of you with children whose clothes have outgrown those smaller hangers, this is a great idea to reuse them.  You and also add a magnet to the back and place it on your refrigerator to secure grocery lists, coupons, etc.

From April -  Hairspray is for more than just your hair.  If you accidentally get a stray ink pen mark on your clothes, spray the area with hairspray, scrub and most inks will dissolve.  

Hamburger patties - Instead of trying to shape and mold them in your hands, form the meat into a ball, place on a sheet of wax paper.  Lay a second sheet of wax paper over it, then using a dinner plate press down on the wax paper until the patty is your desired thickness.  Peel away the wax paper and repeat.
From Jan - Do you have a plastic shower curtain that has icky build up on it?  She uses lemon juice to make it fresh and clean.

From Amy - Have you ever left the coffee pot on and the coffee burns in the bottom, discoloring your coffee pot?  Put a tablespoon or so of salt in the pot along with 1 or 2 cups of ice cubes.  Swish it around, and as the ice begins to melt, you will start to see the coffee color coming off of your pot. 

In my laundry room, I have a dish pan for each person in our family. Instead of filling it with dirty dishes -  we put the clean clothes in each person's tub as they are folded.  Then everything is separated and the kids can easily carry the stacks of clothes to their rooms to put away - NOT THAT THEY ARE EVER HAPPY ABOUT IT THOUGH!  

I use a gallon size ziploc bag to corral all of those envelopes like taco seasoning, Kool Aid packets, ranch dressing mixes, onion soup mix etc.  In the cabinet where I keep my spices, I put one of those removable hooks on the inside of the cabinet door, punched a hole in the bag, and hung it.  Now I can easily find those pesky little envelopes without emptying the entire cabinet.

From Camillia - I re-use dryer sheets as dust-rags...just run them over the furniture, makes the house smell good too, like I shampooed the carpet or something :)

Feel free to comment with any ideas you might have for using something in a way that is a little out of the ordinary!

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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