Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Such Thing.......

Before you read any further today, make sure there are no little eyes reading over your shoulder!  I know everyone does things differently in their individual families, and I respect that, but I sure don't want to cause any broken hearts by today's post.......So be careful little eyes what you see!

PSST.............................................................Lean in real close......

I need to tell you a secret.......

There is no such thing as the Boogie Man.

There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.

There is no such thing as the Tooth Fairy.


There's no such thing as Santa Claus.

And here's one you might be surprised at.......

There's no such thing as perfect people.

There.   I said it.  The truth is out.

Now, I know you know that and I know it too, but sometimes I find myself living and thinking as if that statement were true.  I really have to be careful where I let my mind go, because if I don't keep tabs on my thinking, the next thing I know I'm comparing Amy's little life, Amy's little circumstances, Amy's little income, Amy's little house, Amy's little car, Amy's little wardrobe, Amy's little husband who recently forgot to pick up a much needed coupon for an important birthday gift (let's don't go there), and Amy's little everything else to what I perceive is true about someone else.

We cannot compare those things. 

They are not equal.

No matter how good I think Ms. "X" has it, I don't know her truth.

Let me repeat that.

No matter how good I think Ms. "X" has it, I don't know her truth.

I only know my perception of her.

And my perception is based on my imperfect thinking.

If my thinking is imperfect, then my perception of her must be imperfect too.

Don't forget that Ms. "X" is comparing herself to someone else, possibly even you.  Yes, her home may be nicer, her car may be newer, she may have a deeper wallet or a deeper closet, but she may just be watching you, wishing her life were more like yours.

She may be envious of the bond she sees you sharing with your family.

She may be envious of your faith.

She just may not be seeing her life as perfect at all.

Just a thought to pass along to you today....

Don't forget -

There's no such thing as perfect people.

Let me confess something to you, I have an issue with this, and for the past year or so, God has been showing me that for me, comparing myself to someone else is sin.  I have to stand on my own as a unique woman created by Him and I cannot be measured by someone else.  It's like trying to measure cups with a ruler.  It just doesn't work.  Maybe He wants you to know that too....

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Thank you Amy! I think satan uses that on all of us quite often. Thank you for your blog. I know it blesses many. I know it does me!!! Love you! Carla


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