Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

God sometimes when I think of you, the only way I can begin to try to wrap my frail human mind around who You are and how complex You are is to think about a diamond.  When I look closely at a diamond, it has many different facets or surfaces.  All of these different surfaces in one place helps me see that You can have so many parts of You that still make up one beautiful thing.  When I look down into a diamond and let the light bounce off of the inside, it's like looking down into a forever of sparkles and shimmers without ever being able to see every single one.  It seems as if it has no bottom and it reflects light back out just like You.  I guess having all of those facets is what makes You able to be the "I AM".  Diamonds are precious and You are precious, yet diamonds are so strong and can even be used to cut things.  You are strong, You CANNOT be broken and sometimes you have to cut away parts of me to carve me into your image.  If I am being carved into Your image, then one day maybe I can be a beautiful diamond too.

Take look into a diamond sometime today and move it just a little in the light. Look at all of the different surfaces on the inside and the outside of it. That's an example of all of the different ways God Almighty can be what you need, no matter the circumstance.

If you don't have one - surely someone near you does.  Look at it this way, when you ask to borrow it, you'll get a chance to tell them why you want to see it and maybe open their eyes to something new too. 

This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "Diamonds are a girls best friend"! Doesn't it!
Amy Dotson, RPDOTK (Royal Princess Daughter Of The King)
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