Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We've all felt that feeling that something's missing.

That feeling that there must be something more.

Surely this will make me happy, or maybe that, or just maybe it's both.

A better job.

A nicer car.

A bigger home.

A better husband.

A baby, or even a second child.

A new church home.

Maybe it's something sweet, like chocolate that's missing.

Or maybe it's something salty.

Let's change paint color in the living room.

A new dress.

And those new high heels would look so good with the new dress while I'm driving my new car from my bigger house to my new church......Ok, I know, I'm being a bit dramatic here! And I bet you think I'm going to talk about "filling that void with God", don't you? But that's not where I'm going this time. It's not that He's not capable of filling our void, because He completely is.

What I want to tell you is that even spiritually, I have found that I am never satisified. It's like there is this constant unsettling to know more, to grow more, to go deeper.

It won't go away.

Have you ever found yourself wondering things like:
"Am I ever going to get this?"
"Will I ever not feel like a spiritual infant?"
"I just got this concept down, is there always going to be more for Him to uncover in my heart?"

If you have thought things like that and felt unsatisfied spiritually like I described, I'm glad.

Glad for two reasons
1-It's evidence of the Holy Spirit at work with in you, calling you deeper. It's evidence that you ARE HIS and that is great news!
2-It's evidence that I'm not in this boat alone!

If you have ever found yourself unsatisfied, read this:
Because I am righteous, I will see you.
When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.

Psalms 17:15

Isn't that a fantastic verse? We have never known true satisfaction on this side of Heaven, I don't think we completely understand what it really is, but we know there is more. We know that we long for something.

It's Him.

It's looking at Him face to face.

We will long no more.

We will be satisfied simply by seeing Him face to face.

Oh, I can't wait.

Sweet, loving Jesus, how I dream of looking into your face. I dream of your soft countenance and the gleam in your eye. I envision your gentle smile as you reach your hand, still nail scarred, to touch my face. Oh how satisfied I just know I will be when our eyes meet for the first time. I know that I will be captivated by You and there will no longer be a longing within me for absolutely anything else......What a day that really will be.

Biggest Blessings,
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