Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And It Isn't Make Believe

It's a phrase Mom told us many times, and I find myself repeating it to my children often, especially when I'm busy. I'm quite sure, other than, "Stop that!", it's going to be one of the most repeated phrases by moms everywhere over the coming summer break. What phrase is that?

I don't know, honey, just use your imagination.

I was chatting with two of my lunch buddies today about our kids. One of them has a elementary aged son, and I have two girls. We were commenting to each other how creative they are, how astonishing their young minds are. Her son amazes her with the things he constructs with Legos and my oldest shocks me with the accessories she designs and creates for her dolls. My other daughter is just plain goofy and creative with the things she says. Sometimes she keeps us in stitches, leaving me asking, "Where did you come up with that?".

She and I both agreed that we used to be able to use our imaginations like they do, but now, it just seems like we can't. We both used to play Barbies for hours, dreaming up all kinds of story lines, but now, the stories and escapes from reality allude us.

I agreed with her and reminding myself that those days of using our imaginations were before we had to live in the "real world" where everything has to make sense to our logical minds. It seems, as moms, that everything has to be practical, and that dreaming - imagining, is pushed aside.

No, we may not be able to sit and play Barbies everyday as the rest of life screams for our attention, since Barbie's world isn't real, but we can use our imaginations and dream about our God.

My life seems so void of hope when I fail to imagine and dream about Him. If I don't reflect on His goodness, marvel at His power, read of His unending love, I feel so empty.

Like a bored child on a summer day with no one to play with.



I have to remember to use my imagination.

My world IS God's world.

He is real.
And, no, He doesn't have to make sense to my logical mind.

I can escape in the vastness of the I AM.

Imagining all that He has planned for us to do together when we meet face to face. Imagining His face. His smile. His laugh.

My, the tears are welling up as I sit typing. I could go on and on, but I'll let you use your imagination and take it from here.

That's my challenge to you my sisters, don't forget to use your imagination, you can trust it will certainly provide a healing escape from the chaos and ho hums of this life.

And it isn't make believe.

Biggest Blessings,

P.S.  As I mentioned last week, I am tinkering around with a new page, so I have added this post there too as a trial run. The page is still in its infant stages, so keep that in mind, but if you have a second, would you hop over there and take a look?  Let me know what you think.  It will help me decide what to do!
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  1. I haven't hopped over to your other page yet, but I sure enjoyed this post and the reminder to use my imagination. Thanks! And thank you for the visit and comments on my Rock4Today blog!


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