Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim Down

When the girls were really little, Todd was in school and working. He had class every Thursday night, and since the girls were very young and didn't quite understand why Daddy had to be gone, I took the opportunity to make those nights special. Thursday nights officially became "girls night" at our house. Although we don't have Thursday night girls night now, they still remember them - vividly. On Thursday mornings before I went to work, I would remind them, "Tonight's girls night!" and they would get all excited.

After I came home from work on those special days, we would eat dinner, get our baths, and then all pile into my bed with popcorn in tow and EVERY Thursday night we watched Finding Nemo.  They never tired of the story and I don't think I ever got through the movie without crying.  (I know your shocked.)

Have you seen the movie yourself?  If you haven't - you must.

Isaiah 8:11 says "The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone does."

I think this warning would serve us well too.  If we think like everyone else, the world,  where will that take our thoughts?

In the movie, Finding Nemo, Nemo was just reunited with his Daddy when a huge fishing net drops from a boat above encapsulating hundreds of fish, including their dear friend Dory.  The net tightens around the fish and begins to be raised toward the ocean's surface.  Nemo enters the net with them in an attempt to save his friend and the other fish.  While all the other fish are swimming to and fro in a panic stricken state, Nemo, his father, and Dory spread some advice to all of the fish.

Little Nemo yells from the net,

"Swim Down!  Tell them to swim down!"

Eventually the word spreads through the net and all of the fish begin swimming down and it changes the direction of things.  They swim down resisting the force pulling against them, and eventually break the net and find themselves free!  If they had continued to be in that state of panic and fear filled thoughts, they would have never broken free.  If Nemo had adopted the thoughts of everyone else and decided there was no hope, things would have had a much different outcome for all involved.

BUT- Nemo DIDN'T think like everyone else, and neither should we.  The world's thoughts can be void of hope, but our's can be full of hope.

Don't think like them, think like Him!

Here's a clip from the movie, if you'd like to watch:

Swim Down, Girls!  Swim Down!
And Keep Swimming!


Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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