Monday, December 3, 2012

December to Remember Day 3


Any Other Name
Wouldn't Be As Sweet

As a young pregnant mother, I pondered name after name, searching for the one that was just right for our little one with both pregnancies. McKayla's first name wasn't so hard, since Todd had liked that name for a very long time, but her middle name was carefully chosen. Then, since we were just sure that our second was going to be a boy, we had some boy names in mind and almost finalized. We really hadn't given much thought to a name for a little girl until the ultrasound declared my mother's intuition to be wrong!

I panicked. Here we were, over half way through and we had no clue about what we would name this child, and we were no where near a conclusion. Several names came to mind and, well, ahemmmm.....they were vetoed by Todd. Nothing seemed to be "just right". He suggested we name her Breanna, which I really liked, except for the fact that Breanna was the number one baby name at that time.

Let me explain. My name is Amy. Apparently it was a very popular name in the year that I was born. As I went through my years in elementary and middle school, I attended a school in a rural community, which by most standards, would have been considered small. Even though my school was small, there were still 3 Amy's in my class. Amy M., Amy N., and Amy P. Now imagine us all seated in alphabetical order, which was often the case. Imagine turning in your paper without the last initial on the same day another Amy did the same. We also at one time had 3 Jennifers. Ugghhhh. I decided one day sitting in Mrs. Nanney's 7th grade Social Studies class that I would put a stop to this problem as far as I was concerned by naming my children something that was a little different.

So, you can understand when my sweet husband pops out with the oh so popular name Breanna, that I quickly vetoed him right back. We were in a stalemate. I would ask about the baby name and he would say, "I told you what I liked. Breanna." My mature response would always be something like, "And I told you we aren't naming her that." After several weeks, we did finally settle on a compromise and decided to name her Brenna. Close enough to what he wanted, and different enough for me.

Funny thing is, after all of the contemplating and discussing of names, I could not imagine either of my girls being called anything different.

And behold, you will conceive in your womb, and bear a son, and you shall name Him Jesus. --Luke 1:31
In biblical times names weren't chosen for their popularity, they were chosen for their meaning. There were even times people changed their names to fit the circumstances of their lives. God saved Mary the trouble of picking a name. He had it all picked out for her. He told her what it should be and He didn't pick the name based on popularity or trends, He picked the name because of what it meant.

The name Jesus has a very significant meaning.

The name Jesus means just what He does for us.

It means "the Lord saves."

Can you imagine? The angel is speaking to Mary and says, "You shall name Him the Lord saves."

Wow, what mighty shoes to fill in a tender babe, especially when a name held meaning over a life.

My question for you is this -

If His name means the Lord saves, aside from eternal destruction, what has He saved you from?

You may not think of something right off the bat, but I challenge you today to reflect on the timeline of your life and look for things in this life that He saved you from.

When I look back on mine, I see his name all over it.

There are blocks of times, critical decisions where I can see it plain as day that if it weren't for Jesus, I don't know where I would be.

God gave Him the perfect name because any other name wouldn't be as sweet. Certainly not to me. His name itself is a gift to us, our third gift unwrapped this December.

The matchless name of Jesus, Father, I look back at my life and see that Jesus is still saving me today. Not only from an eternity of separation from you, but saving me from things in this life, often from even myself. Thank You that You continually have Your hand upon my life working it to your will. Jesus, your name is so sweet. It brings such power, it brings unspeakable peace. I couldn't think of a name that fits WHO YOU ARE more perfectly.
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