Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life Is A Highway

Sometimes the things of this life just don't make sense.  We pray and seek God, but it seems like forever before an answer comes. 

The waiting is so hard.

We go back to Him again and again for clarity, asking if we have "missed something".

Still nothing.

The waiting is still so hard.

The days pass, the quietness lingers long, and the waiting gets more difficult with each passing day.

It was in the midst of waiting that He taught me something.

It was late on a Saturday afternoon, the grocery shopping and errand running was complete, and I was on my way home.  Merging onto the interstate, I was relieved at the thought of getting away from some of the stop and go traffic, playing a favorite CD, and just moving on down the road.  In my mind I assumed I would be able to just drive.

Get to where I was going.

Make it to my destination.

Simply move on.

But it wasn't that easy. 

I found my little car clustered amongst several others, I moved to the outside lane as to pass slower traffic, following closely behind the car in front of me.  That car was closely following the one in front of it, but none of us were going anywhere very fast, or at least not at the speed we preferred.

The fast lane wasn't passing the slow lane very quickly, and the slow lane wasn't getting in any more of a hurry.

I was boxed in and forced to just go with the flow.  There was not a thing I could do about it, except continue at a safe speed with the cars around me.  Yes, I was going to get to my destination eventually, but maybe not quite as quickly as I had in mind, but even at this speed, I would still get there.

That's when I felt His nudge within - Your life is like kind of like this highway. 

Yes, I have been praying and waiting upon Him and He has heard me.

He is working.  He's very aware of where I am.

But sometimes I'm in traffic.

He is working in more lives than just mine, I'm not the only car on the road.

And maybe some of the traffic is moving a little slow, the others not in quite as much of a hurry as I am.

I will still eventually reach the destination, maybe just not as quickly as I had in mind. 

I can rest knowing that I am within His hand, never out of His reach.  I can rest knowing that He has heard me and that He is moving and working.  I am on the right road.

I will stay in my lane and wait for Him to clear the traffic. 

How beautiful that day will be.

God, I thank you that you still continue to show and teach me things through my everyday situations and experiences.  Yes, You are a God with thoughts far beyond my own; yet, You still make yourself simple so that we can learn from You.   

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King

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  1. This is beautiful. Don't you love it when God teaches us a lesson in the middle of the mundane. Shows the importance in things that is everyday living.

    1. Yes, it's the lessons in the mundane that stick with me the best. Thanks for visiting!


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