Thursday, April 19, 2012

Delicate Strength

The Iris.......
every spring it's blossoms capture my eye.  Her blooms of gradient color are ruffled, seemingly airy, light, and delicate. The ink on her petals lighter on the tips grow deeper and more rich as you move toward her center.  As I look upon the flower, it appears that the slightest breeze or shower will rip her glory from her, but have you ever stooped down to cradle her dress in your hands?

If you haven't, I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you did.

What appears light and carefree, is really very sturdy and strong.  I have encountered people in my life who are like an iris.  Their demeanor is always gentle and delicate, their spirit welcoming and beautiful, and as I have gotten closer and actually touched the heart of who they are, I have found the color painted upon their lives deeper and richer the closer I get to their center.  

I have also found that those same people whose presence is light and joyful, are surprisingly strong and sturdy when the world brings its storms, winds, and rains. 

They possess a delicate strength.

Those people are as refreshing to me as gazing upon the beauty of God's creation, causing me to want to gaze upon Him longer and drink Him in more deeply and ask myself -

Does my life burst forth that delicate frame, gentle to others and as they get close enough to touch me, do they find someone beautiful, yet strong and sturdy, colored more deeply as they reach to my core?

Maybe not now, but someday soon......................Blooms will come.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King

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  1. Interesting comparison of the iris with the human heart. Thought provoking and encouraging. Thank you for sharing. :o) Found you through Beholding Glory

  2. oh. i hope to be an iris woman someday. and i know several whom are such a delight in the glory they give just pouring forth in strength and fostering light all around them.

    1. Don't you want to be like those people "when you grow up"? I know I sure do.

  3. what a wonderful devotion! I can 'see' your thoughts so well... I like Court in her above comment, hope to be an 'iris' woman. I love to be in the company of such dear women.

    Such a joy to visit, came through Faith Filled Fridays.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, blessings as well to you.

  4. Awesome!! What a great analogy!


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